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What is the Anonymiser Detection feature?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service which allows you to access the internet via a private connection. It allows you to surf the internet anonymously, as the connection is made via a VPN as oppose to your device and connection location. This makes it harder to track connections and potential sources of click fraud.

A TOR Exit Node is similar to a VPN, however the difference is that instead of relying on a Private Network, individuals who use a TOR Exit Node are opting not to connect with a wider network of computers. In simpler terms, imagine a maze with high walls, instead of walking through the maze, an individual opts instead to use a ladder and climb over the walls to avoid the maze.

Finally, there are the proxy servers. These are also similar to VPNs in that they allow a user to access the internet via a proxy server rather than through a direct connection. A user who uses a proxy server is therefore guaranteed a level of anonymity as a result of this.

VPNs, Proxies and TOR Exit Nodes can make click fraud tricky to detect but using Click Guardians Anonymiser Detection setting, your account can be protected from this type of click fraud automatically by blocking people clicking on your paid ads who try to hide their identity by using one of these anonymiser (VPN, Proxy & TOR) methods.

This service is available as part of our Professional Premium subscription.

You can read more about VPNs here:

Updated on: 16/07/2020

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