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How to Install Click Guardian through Shopify

At Click Guardian, we understand that a lot of websites are built on different platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, Shopify or other alternatives. This is why we are going to walk you through the Click Guardian Shopify integration process to make it as seamless as possible.

The following guide is suitable for installing Click Guardian via your Shopify website.

Step 1- Login to your Shopify site --> Select Online Store --> Themes.

Step 2- Next select the 'Actions' drop down --> Edit Code.

Step 3- Next select 'theme.liquid' under layout.

Step 4-- Find the opening '<head>' within the code, this will usually be towards the top.

Step 5- - Open a new tab/ window -> then go to the Click Guardian dashboard --> Setup --> Tracking Code.

Step 6- - Select all of the code within the first black box & Copy.

Step 7- - Go back to 'theme.liquid' on your Shopify store -> Paste your Click Guardian tracking code below the '<head>' & hit Save.

Step 8-- Go back to the Click Guardian dashboard --> Select & copy the additional tracking code which is in the second black box.

Step 9- Then go to 'theme.liquid' on your Shopify store --> find the opening '<Body>' tag.

Quick tip- Hit CTRL + F and search for 'Body' to find the first '<Body>' tag.

Step 10- Paste the additional tracking code below the first '<Body>' tag.

Step 11- Finally, hit save in the top right corner. Click Guardian is now installed on your website.

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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