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What are Mobile App Exclusions?

If you are running a Display campaign within Google Ads you need to be aware of mobile app exclusions.

The Display campaign type within Google Ads allows you to serve your ads to customers on Googles Display Network, on Youtube, and on Mobile or in an App.

The problem is that your ads may be delivered on apps that are not relevant. For example, a Law Firm ad served on a kids arcade game. Accidental clicks and on purpose clicks are going to cost the advertiser and cause budget wastage.

With Google Ads you need to be optimising your budget as much as possible and with Mobile App Exclusions this will certainly help to prevent budget wastage.

To exclude mobile app placements follow this article -

Alternatively, Click Guardian have now launched the Mobile Apps Exclusion feature.

Manage your Mobile App Exclusions with just a couple of clicks. See the number of clicks you are receiving from apps, how much it has cost you and how many conversions you have had.

Updated on: 07/12/2020

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